The Practice, Part 1

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The new receptionist is fully qualified…
starring Brooklyn Chase, Elena Koshka, Ella Knox and Ryan Mclane

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Doctor Laurel and Doctor Michaels are back, together again for the first time! They've set up a new practice together. First, they have to recruit a receptionist, and Katrina (Elena Koshka) is the perfect candidate. Experience, looks, and an amazing ability to be mesmerized by Doctor Laurel's boobs. Then, their first patient, Simona (Ella Knox) arrives. Her boyfriend is interested in threesomes and a bit more in the oral sex department, and Laurel and Michaels together are happy to help her explore all kinds of new parts of her sexuality…

3 March 2018, 1280x720, 55 minutes.


“Elena Koshka makes a great addition to the two doctors' practice - she fits in well acting-wise, and she looks stunning in both her professional receptionist and slutty schoolgirl variety outfits.”

“Two of your VERY best! Love Dr Laurel and Dr Michaels teaming up!”


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