The Practice, Part 2

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Alternative techniques are required here…
starring Brooklyn Chase, Elena Koshka, Bridgette B and Ryan Mclane

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Doctor Laurel and Doctor Michaels are together again for the first time again! They've been having great success with their new practice and with their mesmeric slave of a receptionist (Elena Koshka), but now they've encountered a first: A patient who seems to be immune to the entrancing effects of Doctor Laurel's boobs. How will they turn Mariana (Bridgette B) into a sex slave if none of the programming will work on her? Fortunately, there's a clever solution to their dilemma.

3 March 2018, 1280x720, 52 minutes.


“Elena Koshka makes a great addition to the two doctors' practice - she fits in well acting-wise, and she looks stunning in both her professional receptionist and slutty schoolgirl variety outfits.”

“Two of your VERY best! Love Dr Laurel and Dr Michaels teaming up!”


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