Nickey Calls an Ex

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Rekindling the flame…
starring Nickey Huntsman (solo).

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Nickey has a video call with an ex during lockdown. Of course, she's not interested in anything except saying hi to an old friend, but the old friend has developed some new skills, and has a great deal of interesting programming to convey to her…

dir. Henri Tisserand, 4 June 2020 • 1280x 720 • 28 minutes • hd: 564.8MB


Great video! It hits a lot of buttons for me, the biggest 3:

  1. It enacts a plausible stealthy conversational induction. I've always wanted videos depicting such inductions. So, yayyyy!

  2. Nickey! Beyond just loooving bespectacled busty women getting entranced in general -- and, wow, Nickey's soooo much bustier these days! -- I specifically like her acting here in regard to:

    • [non-kinky-acting kudos] naturally embodying the kind of Zoom conversation one might have with an ex in real life (well, in real life up to the stealthy, conversational induction and the slave conditioning... remember not only MC doesn't work that way, but also it'd be very morally and legally wrong to do that if it did. :) )

    • [kinky acting kudos] embodying the suggestions to wake up perkier, happier, and more-open-to-kinky-naughty experience. (While I must admit there are other actresses who I think would beat her for the Academy Award for "Bust Succumbing to Sleep in Response to a Sleep Trigger", I do think Ms. Huntsman is a serious contender for "Sexiest Immediate Facial Expressions and Body Demeanor in Response to an Awakening Trigger"! Double yayyy!

  3. Amply repeated use of a sleep reinduction trigger, especially on a lady who's still in the process of caressing herself or masturbating.

Definite recommendation.


The conversation format not only is a good way to frame one of these Sessions, but the actual conversation was very organic and flowed perfectly into the induction. Her personality was really fun, and I liked how she got more and more bubbly as it went along and she fell deeper. And the sounds she makes are second to none!


Nickey Huntsman

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