Temp to Perm

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Assume the position
From Temp to Perm From Temp to Perm From Temp to Perm From Temp to Perm
starring Alison Rey, Siannan Haiman and Henri Tisserand.

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Jessica (Alison Rey) is showing up for her first day as a temp. Marie (Siannan Haiman) is more than happy to show her all of the company procedures, especially those around dress code, making out with her coworkers, and the all-important blow job policy. She might need a little bit of reprogramming, but the company has all the equipment required for that...

dir. Henri Tisserand, 21 March 2017 • 1280x 720 • 28 minutes • download: 472.9MB


Alison Rey
Siannan Haiman (exclusive)
Henri Tisserand (exclusive)

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