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Just an occupational hazard
starring Eleanor Markham and Siannan Haiman

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Sarah (Siannan Haiman) thinks that her boyfriend may be using mesmerism to have his way with her, so she seeks out therapist Ellen (Eleanor Markham) to find out. Of course, he is... but Ellen is soon falling under the very same spell that has turned Sarah into an obedient sex-slave.

2 July 2017, 1280x720, 32 minutes.


Well, as a huge fan of Process - maybe my favorite MCT ever - and with Siannan and Eleanor as probably my favorite MCT regulars, this was a no-brainer for me, no pun intended. Just had to get this and watch it immediately... was not disappointed! I love the switch from their usual character roles, and Eleanor's brainwashed look was great. Nice slow inductions and conditioning scenes, too. And the flashing back to their displaying of each other was a great touch. — Morgenstern from the MCF

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