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The C-Ducer is the gift that keeps on giving.
starring Daphne Rosen, Eleanor Markham, Helena Astley, Lorelei Lee and Siannan Haiman.

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The ad shoot for the C-Ducer 3000™ is not going well. The talent's late, the props are all wrong, the cases are on a ship somwhere... and the new recruitment mode gets turned loose on set. A five-performer girl/girl extravaganza!

dir. Henri Tisserand, 17 April 2009 • 1280x 720 • 34 minutes • download: 597.9MB


Daphne Rosen
Eleanor Markham (exclusive)
Helena Astley (exclusive)
Lorelei Lee
Siannan Haiman (exclusive)


Roommate Situation 3

Roommate Situation 2

Roommate Situation

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