The Yard Sale of Hell House

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Amazing what you can find at a yard sale.
starring Jessi Palmer, Diana Prince, Lorelei Lee, Tara Lynn Foxx and Danny Wylde.

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David brings home a television he picked up at a yard sale... not realizing it was the yard sale at Hell House... the former lair of a sex cult. The television has a remarkable effect on the string of female friends and his bitchy ex-girlfriend as they become his enthusiastic sex-slaves. Our first feature-length release!

22 August 2010, 1280x 720, 66 minutes.


The Yard Sale of Hell House is a clear winner for MCC. If you love repetitions, yes Masters, gorgeous girls, and of course lots of sex, this is a movie for you. The MC content is hot, the story is easy to follow, and did I mention the gorgeous girls? You just might be jealous of the protagonist. I certainly was.

Thanks for "Hell House". I was impressed with "Kept" and this release was as good or better. The story was good. The girls were gorgeous and acted their parts well. The induction was well done and there was the bonus of seeing the MC'er get his reward...

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