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Never turn your back on a chem major. Unless it is to bend over...
starring Daphne Rosen, Wendy Wild, Virginia and Mickey Mod

Eric the barista has been trying to get India to go out with him, but she doesn't date coworkers. Of course, if the coworker is a chem major who has developed some fascinating new additions to the beverages, perhaps India wil change her mind. Andrea might also change her mind about having a threesome with her ex-boyfriend, and Kristin might discover a new, bustier self...

Wonderful breast-expansion special effects by Ooze3D!

4 April 2010, 1280x720, 26 minutes.


"Damn, this has got to be the best MCT release in quite some time. I absolutely love it. I loved how Daphne Rosen tries to resist and say "No", but just can't and eventually gives in and begs the guy to fuck her. Great stuff." -- BigJohn on the MCForum

"Excellent film! Very funny, very sexy and Ms. Rosen has never looked hotter. Seriously. Never. Hotter. What an amazing body!"

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