Training Day

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Doesn't every office have a mind control device?
From Training Day From Training Day From Training Day From Training Day
starring Virginia and Wendy Wild.

It's Liz' first day at the office, and the HR person is ready to show her all of the important points about the office: The main door (with place to hang up her clothes), her desk (with sex toys), the fax machine (bend over deeply), the filing cabinet (deeper), her new boss (kneel down), and the executive break room (complete with bed)...

dir. Henri Tisserand, 10 January 2010 • 640x 480 • 22 minutes • download: 268.5MB


Bought it, and it's one of my MCT favorites! Virginia hits my MC fetish buttons really effectively, her dazed stare and helpless, confused line readings are just awesome. Also, I really like the dynamic where Wendy's gone from being a mindless drone to having been programmed to not just be an active recruiter but enjoy it as well. The whole thing is just ridiculously hot.

-- Dr. X on the MC Forum


Wendy Wild

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