Alison Applies for a Job, Part 1

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We have just a few questions…
starring Alison Rey.

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Alison applies for a new job as an administrative assistant, not quite realizing that the job involves some very, very personal assistance indeed. However, she is soon persuaded that this is exactly the right position (and positions) for her…

30 April 2020, 1280x 720, 30 minutes.


Loved this new two-parter! I love your "office intake" videos. On top of that, Alison is one of the best performers you've had, and she shone here. In particular, I liked the increasingly mindless noises and expressions she made in the initial induction in part 1, and I thought the use of her boyfriend in part 2 was a really creative way to incorporate the filmed at home nature of both the video and the premise. The fact that the boyfriend is going to be the unwitting beneficiary of his girlfriend's brainwashing feels like something new for your videos, glimpsing into the home life of the office girls when they're "off the clock."


Alison Applies for a Job, Part 2

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