Performance Anxiety

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It's just a dream, isn't it?
From Performance Anxiety From Performance Anxiety From Performance Anxiety From Performance Anxiety
starring Yaya Gingersnatch, Liv Revamped, Brad Newman and Chad Alva.

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She's been having very strange… visions? nightmares? about a man in her house doing things to her. Her therapist is ready to help her figure out exactly what is going on…

dir. Henri Tisserand, 14 December 2023 • 4096x 2160 • 51 minutes • hd: 1.1GB • 4k: 9.0GB


I really liked this one. I happen to like stories where the girl is "protected" by one or more people -- but then the controller MCs the protectors. There's a bunch of that here.


The lighting in [this] film is beautiful.


Yaya Gingersnatch
Liv Revamped
Brad Newman
Chad Alva

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