Hope Chest

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She'll do anything for love, but she won't…
starring Alison Rey and John Legendary.

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He didn't really mean to put Ashley under his spell, but it seems to have worked anyway! Soon, she's his adoring love-slave, ready to do anything he wants… well, almost anything.

7 September 2022 • 4096x 2160 • 38 minutes • 4K: 4.4GB • HD: 763.2MB • 4K: 4.8GB • HD: 728.2MB


It's difficult to put into words on how perfect this movie is. The performances from both Alison Rey and John Legendary are amazing. The story captures what I want from [an MC] story flawlessly. If there's another part to this I can't wait to see it.



Hope Chest 2: All the Sex

Hope Chest 2

Hope Chest: All the Sex

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