Prompts, Part 2

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It's a completely fictional, speculative story. Of course.
From Prompts, Part 2 From Prompts, Part 2 From Prompts, Part 2 From Prompts, Part 2
starring Paisley Porter, Katie Morgan, Will Pounder and Sintra Sheridan (voice only).

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Max has been having great success using the chatbot's scripts on his wife Paula, and cute visitor Holly. But he's more interested in a lifestyle arrangement, and the chatbot has some ideas…

13 July 2023 • 4096x 2160 • 37 minutes • hd: 859.4MB • 4k: 6.0GB


This is, hands down, one of the best releases of MCT, highly recommended!


They are fantastic.


Paisley Porter
Katie Morgan
Will Pounder
Sintra Sheridan (exclusive)


Prompts, Part 1

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