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Memory is unreliable…
starring Alison Rey and Paisley Porter.

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Kylina is still having flashbacks to the all of the terrible things her ex-boyfriend did to her head. Fortunately, her new girlfriend Gina is very sympathetic, and has just the right treatment…

11 November 2020, 4096x 2160, 31 minutes.


Alison and Paisley were both great. I already love Alison, but this was the first time seeing Paisley in something, and I thought her facial expressions and chemistry with Alison were wonderful. And it was fun to see Alison in a different type of role than her usual MCT characters. Without spoiling too much, the plot was a complete hit with me as well - the exact sort of plot and evolution of tone that really gets me. On the same continuum (if a bit lighter) as Process, Finger Puppet, and Transference, some of my favorite MCTs. If you like those, you will like this - but even if you don't, you should still check this one out!

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