Doctor Laurel, Part 3

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Finally, he has her where he wants her.
From Doctor Laurel, Part 3 From Doctor Laurel, Part 3 From Doctor Laurel, Part 3 From Doctor Laurel, Part 3
starring Brooklyn Chase, Cherie DeVille, Kate England and Ryan Mclane.

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Mind Control Theatre is proud to announce the release of a three-part miniseries. Brooklyn Chase returns to us at Doctor Laurel, a therapist with a very... special way of assisting her patients.

In part 3's exciting conclusion, Laurel works on the programming of one of the cheerleaders of her nemesis, Doctor Michaels... but whose side is the patient really on? For that matter, who's side is anyone on?

dir. Henri Tisserand, 9 May 2016 • 1280x 720 • 51 minutes • download: 936.7MB


Brooklyn Chase
Cherie DeVille
Kate England
Ryan Mclane


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