Laurel Before

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Before she was Doctor Laurel, she still had powers…
From Laurel Before From Laurel Before From Laurel Before From Laurel Before
starring Codi Vore and Erin Everheart, with a special appearance by Sam Shock.

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Laurel really does not like her body. Her friend Justine wants her to start feeling better about it… but neither Laurel or Justine are prepared for the powers Laurel's boobs possess…

25 May 2023 • 4096x 2160 • 31 minutes • hd: 613.4MB • 4k: 4.9GB


Erin and Codi are incredible in this. Codi is very convincing in her journey from a curious but inexperienced young woman who's unhappy with her body into a dominant, sexy lesbian as she discovers how powerful she really is. Very sexy and right up my alley. Maybe my favorite MCT movie ever.


Codi Vore
Erin Everheart


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