Laurel Before 3

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Boys can be such a problem…
starring Codi Vore and Penelope Kay.

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Penny's parents are very worried that she is being distracted from her college studies by boys. Laurel suggests an alternative that might make both Penny and her parents happy, and is certainly appealing to Laurel…

dir. Electra Rayne, 28 January 2024 • 3840x 2160 • 30 minutes • 4k: 8.0GB • hd: 830.1MB


Incredible video, I love when you have the girl/girl focused videos and that combination with Codi is pretty much an instant buy for me!


Codi Vore
Penelope Kay


Laurel Before 4, Part 1

Laurel Before 4, Part 2

Laurel Before 2

Laurel Before

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