Blind Tasting

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It's a whole new vintage.
From Blind Tasting From Blind Tasting From Blind Tasting From Blind Tasting
starring Bunny Colby, Bridgette B, Petra Blair and Ryan Mclane.

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Rick pops open a bottle only to discover… you guessed it, a new genie! She's ready to grant him as many wishes as he wants, as long as those wishes involve delivering hot chicks to his bed. Fortunately, he has just the young women in mind…

dir. Henri Tisserand, 22 May 2019 • 4096x 2160 • 57 minutes • 4k: 5.6GB • hd: 1.3GB


“I love the fact that the brainwashed women retain memories of what happened, and the fact that the genie is more sexually involved.

“Great work.” — arclopez on the Mind Control Forum


Bunny Colby
Bridgette B
Petra Blair
Ryan Mclane


Bottle Shock



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