Watch Party: Chemtrails!

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There's something in the air…
starring Codi Vore, Bunny Colby, Ella Knox, Siannan Haiman and Alex Chance.

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Codi Vore is here to blow (ahem) the lid off of a conspiracy: Chemtrails! They are spraying chemicals into the air to make women's breasts grow, and to turn them into obedient sex-slaves. You know it must be the truth because her audience of four (Bunny Colby, Ella Knox, Siannan Haiman, and Alex Chance) seem very suggestible indeed…

7 October 2020, 1280x 720, 34 minutes.


Amazing! Simply amazing! Between the cast, the format, but even the concept - of course the YouTube conspiracy theory genre is a perfect way to hide a mind control program in it, and what better conspiracy theory to focus on than chemtrails? Everyone looked great and responded amazingly as they got tranced, and Codi had the tone of conspiracy theorist/gentle mental seductress down perfectly. One of my favorite MCTs of the quarantine era, and makes me excited to see what else the Watch Party format gets put to!

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