Roll Playing: The Quest of the Four Bracelets, Part 2

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That was a great saving throw to make…
starring Eleanor Markham, Abbey Rain, Nickey Huntsman, Lauren Phillips, Michael Vegas and Anthony Rosano

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Inspired by the extremely popular Mind Control Comics title, and fantasy roll-playing games of all kinds, a party of five adventurers has collected three bracelets for a Mysterious Hooded Figure... but where is the fourth? Both the players at the table and the characters in the game are searching, but discover something much different than they expected.

In part 1, Ambra the Mage discovers the location, and uses her teleport and polymorph skills to retrieve it from its watery grave. But why is she acting so strangely when she returns? What is the Mysterious Hooded Figure's plan? And why has she cast a mind-controlling Charm spell on the half-elf...

In part 2, all is revealed as the bracelets (slave bracelets, of course) get put to good use on all of the party members!

19 October 2017, 1280x720, 60 minutes.


Roll Playing: The Quest of the Four Bracelets, Part 1

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