Hot Read 2

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Well, that's a nice surprise.
From Hot Read 2 From Hot Read 2 From Hot Read 2 From Hot Read 2
starring Electra Rayne, Nickey Huntsman and Henri Tisserand.

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Electra and Nickey are rehearsing a scene, only to discover that a certain someone left some suggestions behind. Well, it would be totally unprofessional not to use those for a great performance, right?

This includes some reality TV footage that Henri and Nickey shot a while back... not to be missed!

dir. Henri Tisserand, 13 April 2024 • 3840x 2160 • 28 minutes • hd: 443.0MB • 4k: 3.0GB


Electra Rayne
Nickey Huntsman
Henri Tisserand (exclusive)


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