Livia's Body

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It's her decision… technically.
starring Jessica Ryan, Alexis Abbey, Avery Black, Henri Tisserand and Will Pounder.

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Livia thinks that her husband wants her to get a boob job. She's not wild about this idea, but there's another man in her life who can be very persuasive. But in the meantime, there's this charming large-breasted lady she can distract her husband with…

This is the director's cut, with special footage previously unavailable!

For a bit of background on this lovely busty lady (Alexis Abbey), be sure to check out Ambush.

And a portion of the sale price of every copy of this video will go to help support Jessica Ryan's very real boob job!

30 November 2023 • 4096x 2160 • 23 minutes • 4k: 2.2GB • hd: 363.8MB


Jessica Ryan
Alexis Abbey
Avery Black
Henri Tisserand (exclusive)
Will Pounder



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