Hope Chest 2

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Bigger and better!
starring Alison Rey, Sonny McKinley, Henri Tisserand and John Legendary.

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Ashley got her boob job! And she's invited her friend Veronica over to check it out… and maybe spend a little bit more time with her and her boyfriend.

dir. Henri Tisserand, 15 January 2023 • 4096x 2160 • 64 minutes • 4k: 18.2GB • hd: 2.0GB


Just checked it out...great video! Alison Rey always performs exceptional in these videos. Sonny McKinley was amazing...I always liked the smiling trance.

This may be your best movie yet! A complete story full of all kinds of sex! Explaining how Ashley actually became hypnotized. And I fully understand why it's called Hope Chest-for a collection of girls with big boobs! Alison and John were great as always, and Sonny more than held her own with them!


Alison Rey
Sonny McKinley
Henri Tisserand (exclusive)
John Legendary


Hope Chest 2: All the Sex

Hope Chest: All the Sex

Hope Chest

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