Full Service, Part 2

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Tamara also takes special requests.
From Full Service, Part 2 From Full Service, Part 2 From Full Service, Part 2 From Full Service, Part 2
starring Siouxsie Q James, Paris Cummings and Brad Knight.

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The adventures of Tamara (Siouxsie Q James) and her dating service continue! Thomas (Brad Knight) has his eye on Olive (Paris Cummings), but Olive is really not interested in him... and is a Lesbian, to boot. But Tamara's powers of persuasion soon result in a very, very happy ending for everyone.

dir. Henri Tisserand, 22 June 2017 • 1280x 720 • 45 minutes • download: 1.5GB


Siouxsie Q James
Paris Cummings
Brad Knight


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