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Just because she's lesbian…
starring Jessica Ryan and Henri Tisserand.

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Erica talks about the amazing results that she's achieved with her new therapist. Even though she's a lesbian, she's discovered that what was really important to her was to be her therapist's obedient sex slave… what were the odds?

dir. Henri Tisserand, 8 September 2018 • 1280x 720 • 39 minutes • download: 548.0MB


If this is the result of you guys taking the summer off to recharge creatively, then please take more summers off! I kid, but in truth, this is one of my absolute favorites of yours, not just recently, but of all time. I’m of the opinion that, as much as I love your standard tone, I would also love to see a more straight (so to speak), even creepy work from you. I think this was the perfect balance between those – it had the chipper, happy girl in the talking head segments, and the mesmerized girl in the ‘giving head’ segments slowly being forced to process how her inner sexual identity is being so completely changed to the opposite of who she is. The acting was great, but the concept even more is something that just pushes every single one of my buttons. The idea of a therapist taking such advantage of a patient; the undermining of sexual orientations (not just lesbian to… well, straight-ish but the opposite is also hot); the undertones of cuckqueaning and recruitment and roughing down of independence. I can’t stress enough how happy I am that you didn’t just immediately make her a cock-hungry whore, but showed us multiple scenes of her dealing with the fact that she was beginning to become attracted to putting a cock in her mouth. The part when she talked about imagining sucking cock while eating out her girlfriend I really liked – that seemed like a much more intimate betrayal of a partner than something like “straight girlfriend programmed to fuck her therapist on the side of her boyfriend.” And the whole last segment when we see her sucking cock even as her lesbian persona is still ‘active’ and trying to resist and begging not to have it done to her, even as her body betrays her, followed by her final resignation to her programming… perfection!


Jessica Ryan
Henri Tisserand (exclusive)

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