Doctor Michaels, Part 2

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The doctor is very, very in.
starring Alexis Adams, Mila Jade, Alvin Tan and Ryan Mclane.

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Before Doctor Laurel, there was Doctor Michaels...

Miri (Mila Jade) and her boyfriend (Alvin Tan) come to Doctor Michaels for help with their relationship problem... he wants sex a lot more than she does. Fortunately, Doctor Michaels is there to help, while a long-time patient (Alexis Adams) awaits her turn in the good doctor's office...

A two part special! Be sure to get part 1, or take advantage of the special package deal.

dir. Henri Tisserand, 2 September 2016 • 1280x 720 • 36 minutes • download: 679.8MB


Alexis Adams
Mila Jade
Alvin Tan
Ryan Mclane


Laurel Before 2

Laurel Before

Case Files 1

Doctor Michaels, Part 1

Doctor Laurel, Part 2

Doctor Laurel, Part 3

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