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This will be a weekend to remember…
From Fulfillment From Fulfillment From Fulfillment From Fulfillment
starring Christie Stevens, Elena Koshka, Raven Redmond, Trillium and Jake Adams.

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When Alicia invites three of her friends to a “fulfillment workshop” weekend, they don't suspect that brainwashing to become her Master's adoring, obedient sexual servants is an important part of being fulfilled. But they come around to the idea very quickly…

dir. Henri Tisserand, 26 December 2017 • 1280x 720 • 54 minutes • download: 967.0MB


“If trances/programming are your thing, then this is your movie. Plus, the sex scene has actual edits in it (instead of just running on a single shot forever), which is something I wish more porn did. Top-tier MCT. A definite recommend.”

”This movie was 5% set up, 80% mindcontrol, and 15% sex, and that is utterly perfect in my opinion. Even the sex, or at least the oral scenes, are just an extension of the brainwashing. ... probably best mind control video/movie/porn of 2017.

”It was fantastic! Y'all did great work in this film. I already said it, but I'll say it again; The girls are very beautiful. The induction scenes were well done, and lasted quite a bit which I really appreciated. I also liked how it showed the original slave being entranced as well. It gave some context to the whole thing.”


Christie Stevens
Elena Koshka
Raven Redmond
Jake Adams

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