Maggie Takes a Class

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Evil sex cults everywhere you look!
starring Maggie Green.

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Maggie Green settles down for a nice, quiet relaxation class. Little does she know that the Evil Sex Cult™ is planning to recruit her to be one of their harem of enthusiastic, obedient sex slaves. Of course, with a rack like that, who wouldn't want to reprogram her mind to serve them?

28 May 2020, 1280x 720, 41 minutes.


It's shocking to me that people like Maggie Green exist. I looked to see if she had been on the site before because the name was familiar, and she was in Sharing Economy.

How can someone look like two totally different and distinct people, and both be so hot?


Maggie had very good facial expressions here, and I liked the many differing outfits. Her masturbation sessions were really hot, and I liked the final interview as well - a good mix of the lighthearted and dehumanizing!

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