Dick Move

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Sometimes, the dick pics are solicited…
starring London River, Alison Rey and Mark Zane.

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Odette (Alison Rey) has come to confess to her best friend, Laura (London River), that she's having sex with Laura's boyfriend Jeremy (Mark Zane). But Odette swears it is only because Jeremy's cock has some kind of weird power over her… and Laura is surprisingly calm about the revelation…

dir. Henri Tisserand, 27 January 2018 • 1280x 720 • 34 minutes • download: 536.0MB


“This is your best movie by far. The moment when their will is broken when he takes them is amazing! I wanted it to last longer.”

"Cocknosis is always a silly sort of fun... the girls kept it quite sexy in this one."

”The ‘he broke me’ bit and following, monotone matter-of-fact description of what happened afterwards was quite simply amazing.”


London River
Alison Rey
Mark Zane

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