Toy Chest 2

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So many blondes, so little time.
starring Trillium, Bridgette B, Katie Morgan and Ryan Mclane.

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Corinne (Katie Morgan), the best friend of Tresa (Trillium) is over to celebrate her wedding to Connor (Ryan Mclane). But Tresa has a lot more news... like being in a group marriage that includes Bethany (Bridgette B), and her brand-new boob job, and... all sorts of other interesting things about her life. But why tell Corinne about it when Connor can show her?

17 December 2016 • 1280x 720 • 42 minutes • DOWNLOAD: 711.8MB


"Love this one... the, for lack of a better word, 'slave banter' between the girls was super hot... this might be one of the hottest vids you've made. Love that you got to turn Trillium's boob job into a part of the story... good on her for being game!"


Toy Chest

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