Writers' Room

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The plot has a few twists in its tail…
starring Bunny Colby, Maya Kendrick, Cora Moth and Quinton James.

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Three writers get together to work through their latest story, a costume epic about lesbian pirates. But things get very strange very quickly… and who exactly is controlling who here?

23 December 2018, 4096x 2160, 50 minutes.


Bunny Colby in particular is a revelation, the way she goes from dismay at the thought of being taken over to showing real ecstasy at the same idea. She also does a great monotone "trance" voice.


Maya Kendrick's "entranced writer" in Writer's Room was one of the best scenes ever. She was so focused, tears were leaking down her face, and she does OMG "blank" as well as anyone I've seen at MCT.

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