Employee Orientation 2

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If only Jeff and Margo could change the ice-queen auditor's attitude
From Employee Orientation 2 From Employee Orientation 2 From Employee Orientation 2 From Employee Orientation 2
starring Nina Hartley, Daphne Rosen, Paris Kennedy and Jack Lawrence.

Margo and Jeff (from Employee Orientation) have been running their happy branch office for years now, but headquarters is sending in a cold-as-ice auditor and her assistant to get rid of Jeff. If they only had some way of changing the auditor's attitude...

dir. Henri Tisserand, 20 January 2010 • 640x 480 • 44 minutes • download: 512.2MB


Having been a big fan of Employee Orientation I've just bought and watched EO2. Frankly, EO1 was a five-star production but EO2? Not so. The sequel actually betters the original! So, I guess I've nowhere to go but to give it a rare place in my own special section for ultimate mind-control excellence. Great performances, excellent build-up and characterisation and I just LOVED the variety! Simply brilliant!

-- Tony, UK

Daphne, this is your masterpiece. I'm thoroughly impressed on how well done this scene was. The stars were terrific and there was a great blend of sex and mind control. If you were planning on raising the bar on mind control productions you have succeeded beyond anyone's wildest imagination...

-- K-Rock on the MC Forum


Nina Hartley
Daphne Rosen
Paris Kennedy
Jack Lawrence


Employee Orientation

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