Waiting Room 2

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Dr Michaels may be gone, but his programming lives on...
starring Daphne Rosen, April O'Neil, Haley Cummings and Katie Kox.

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Dr. Laurel is back! Another therapist in the same town has retired under a cloud, and she's taken on three of his busty patients. What nefarious things was he doing to the poor girls... and what nefarious things will Dr. Laurel do in their place?

dir. Henri Tisserand, 5 May 2010 • 640x 480 • 32 minutes • download: 380.9MB


Daphne Rosen
April O'Neil
Haley Cummings
Katie Kox


Laurel Before 2

Laurel Before

Doctor Laurel, Part 1

Doctor Laurel, Part 2

Doctor Laurel, Part 3

Waiting Room

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