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Why rent when you can own?
From Timeshare From Timeshare From Timeshare From Timeshare
starring Jessica Ryan, Katy Jayne, Henri Tisserand and Will Pounder.

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The appraiser (back from Housing Crisis: Jessica Ryan) has a problem: She adores her fiancé, but she also has a Master. She has the perfect solution, though; her friend should have an affair with her fiancé! This idea isn't very appealing to the friend, though… at least not at the start…

dir. Henri Tisserand, 24 July 2022 • 4096x 2160 • 40 minutes • 4k: 5.1GB • hd: 812.4MB


Jessica Ryan
Katy Jayne
Henri Tisserand (exclusive)
Will Pounder

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