Siannan Watches a Movie

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Sometimes, it's not just a movie…
starring Siannan Haiman (solo).

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Siannan is bored at home, and browses around for something to watch. She happens on a cheesy-porn movie, and decides to check it out… why not? But soon, she's following along with the movie very closely, and finding herself strangely compelled to do exactly as she is told…

21 May 2020 • 1280x 720 • 33 minutes • HD: 821.8MB


I think the Siannan episode has been the best Session so far. The idea of the MC being embedded in an actual MC movie she watches streaming was both a real clever and a real organic way to work the concept in. Siannan is of course an excellent actor and has the mesmerism mannerisms and slow trance down pat. And I liked that this really did feel like two different movies, as the second half with the interaction (just like the first part with Lily's voice) provided for something different from the previous ones and helped make this one a standout.

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