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Anne is sent on an inspection... but what is really being inspected?
starring Wendy Wild (solo).

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Anne is sent to inspect a warehouse, and has a very surreal, sexual experience. She runs to her boss to file a report... and discovers that perhaps the inspection was more about her than she thought.

dir. Henri Tisserand, 30 October 2011 • 640x 480 • 20 minutes • download: 239.4MB


I had to run right out and get my Wendy fix after so long! As a fan of all her past solo vids, I really enjoyed this: it's a great MC story and a lot in the way of location and production value to put you in the story, and I appreciated how much more time is spent moving the story along while the masturbation sequences are kept short and effective. -- Dr. X on the Mind Control Forum


Wendy Wild

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