Reality TV: Eleanor Markham, Part 2

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Eleanor has such a wide range…
starring Eleanor Markham (solo) and Henri Tisserand (non-sex).

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We continue our explorations with Eleanor! In this one, after tormenting poor Henri over her "no-sex" rule, we…

… and some surprises!

1 November 2020 • 1280x 720 • 1 hour 17 minutes • HD: 1.5GB


It was amazing. The entire time, getting to hear her talk candidly about her past with MCT and the chemistry between her and Henri was really enjoyable. But beyond that, she is a really amazing subject. The slightly spaciness and slurring of her words when she was under were really fun, and seeing the range of reactions to the different scenarios she was presented with... even if Eleanor was not one of my favorites, this is a definite must for MCT fans!



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