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How was *your* vacation?
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starring Jessica Ryan, Siannan Haiman, Trillium and Henri Tisserand.

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In June 2016, Siannan and Henri found themselves down in Los Angeles with a few unexpected days of leisure.

They decided to call some of their favorite performers and invite them to do an impromptu shoot. They weren't told exactly what we had planned for them.

Of course, what we had planned for them was to do a nice long induction, and then… have fun with them. And we did!

The production quality is a bit rough, and the audio is not perfect, but we thought you would enjoy seeing the results.

dir. Henri Tisserand, 4 December 2017 • 1280x 720 • 57 minutes • download: 766.0MB


Jessica Ryan
Siannan Haiman (exclusive)
Henri Tisserand (exclusive)


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