The Brothel 2: From the Archives

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More and deeper programming.
starring Paris Kennedy, Eleanor Markham, Helena Astley, Siannan Haiman, Wendy Wild, Lily Viverral (voice only) and Henri Tisserand (voice only).
From The Brothel 2: From the Archives

A surreal assemblage of additional material from The Brothel 2, as the girls of the Brothel are prepared for their various adventures.... Contains Siannan Haiman's first BG scene!

dir. Henri Tisserand, 30 December 2012 • 1280x 720 • 54 minutes • download: 899.9MB


Paris Kennedy
Eleanor Markham (exclusive)
Helena Astley (exclusive)
Siannan Haiman (exclusive)
Wendy Wild
Lily Viverral (exclusive)
Henri Tisserand (exclusive)


The Brothel 2

The Brothel

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