Found Footage: Daphne Rosen

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A real blast from the past!
starring Daphne Rosen (solo) and Henri Tisserand (voice only).

We recently went through all of our old tapes, and we found something amazing: A lost shoot with Daphne Rosen! She had come up to our area, and she and Henri had a little bit of entracement fun a hotel room… Enjoy this "found footage" release from way back in 2008, possibly the last Daphne Rosen movie ever.

23 September 2020 • 640x 480 • 34 minutes • SD: 252.7MB


I think one of the things that makes Daphne such an icon in our fetish is that she was one of the first "mainstream" actresses to actually get [entranced], (twice even), before doing staged-mind control. She knew exactly what we wanted in a controller and had experience as a real subject to call on for when she played the sub. Couldn't be happier you found this!

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