The Resident

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The house comes with all the conveniences…
starring Erin Everheart, Veronica Weston and Robby Apples.

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He's inherited a house from the uncle, but his uncle did not tell him about all the things that the estate included. When he discovers that he's also inherited a sex-slave, he's very worried about his wife's reaction. He shouldn't have been.

dir. Henri Tisserand, 13 March 2022 • 4096x 2160 • 44 minutes • 4K: 4.3GB • HD: 1.3GB


I was so excited for more Erin Everheart that this is the fastest I've ever clicked "buy" on a MCT production. Really, though, after watching I think the whole cast was great. They played the humor in the script very well, and the sex was extremely hot. I hope you're able to do more with this trio in the future.

Loved the chemistry between Erin and Veronica; together they really livened up the movie as a whole, but definitely during the sex scene. "Fuck me while you make out with your wife;" there was something about making the whole scene basically that that just brought it all together. Plus I really love how, just because she's now obedient and compliant, she's still his wife and she acts like it--just, more submissive, etc.


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