The R-Word

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'Bot or not?
From The R-Word From The R-Word From The R-Word From The R-Word
starring Alison Rey, Myra Moans and Ken Feels.

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Alix has returned to her boyfriend, Rich… but in the meantime, he's bought a sex-bot. Fortunately, Alix seems remarkably accepting of this new addition to the household…

(And don't miss the companion movie The R-Word: All the Sex!

31 March 2024 • 3840x 2160 • 28 minutes • hd: 444.7MB • 4k: 3.1GB


In addition to being hot (I really like Alison in and out of that dress), a rather thoughtful little Science Fiction that wanted a second watch due to its non-sexy element.


Alison Rey
Myra Moans
Ken Feels


The R-Word: All the Sex

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