Siri Takes a Class

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You can find the most amazing classes on-line…
starring Siri (solo).

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Siri decides to take a relaxation class on-line… but she doesn't realize that this particular class is just a front for a strange sex-cult that captures and enslaves women. However, soon, she's entirely in favor of being their mindless fuckdoll…

The first MCT "session", a solo-girl movie recorded remotely!

15 April 2020 • 1280x 720 • 38 minutes • HD: 727.1MB


I really enjoyed this one, and it was great to see Siri back!


So I really liked this concept and the simplicity of the story that came with it. I think the best part is how Siri became so eager to please and be reprogrammed that she started taking the initiative on little things, like adjusting the camera, peeling off her clothes, or moving the chair, even without being told. Towards the end, if not before, she was so eager that she was practically begging to be enslaved and programmed, all with a smile on her face.


Great performance out of Siri - and I find her new look very appealing. Her voice and facial expressions (especially her little pop-up smiles) throughout this video are ...spine-tingling good.

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